Bitcoin – The things we don’t think about

Bitcoin had several hard forks in the past. The dominant version based on market cap is also referred to as Bitcoin Core.  Domain Name The official domain is, currently registered on Namecheap. It was initially registered by Satoshi Nakamoto but currently it’s owned and managed by an unknown person going by the name “Cobra”. […]

Financial Education – The Real Danger of Buying Stocks and Etfs

Some of the most popular communities on Facebook regarding Financial Education are promoting the strategy called Buy & Hold. When people first get into this space the first and easy solution is to do what Warren Buffet does and that is to buy value, keep it for a long time and sell. That’s it, there […]

Bitcoin is now 30000$

Let’s start by saying that there are the same chances of BTC reaching 10000$ as they are of reaching 30000$ in 2021. This is besides the point. The goal of this story is to try and envision the reasons BTC could reach such heights in 2021. The fact is 22% of total US Dollars supply […]

Location of Top Crypto Exchanges

Binance Until February 2020, Binance was considered to be located in Malta. Currently the company’s locations are “decentralized” according to Binance CEO Changpeng. Timeline: Feb. 2020: Binance applied for a license in Singapore. Feb. 2020: Malta Financial Services Authority declared Binance is neither licensed to operate, nor is it regulated in Malta Jan. 2020: Singapore […]

VC investments

Fenbushi Math Global Foundation, the Singapore based foundation behind the development of MathWallet. Polychain Nov. 2020: Polychain capital buys $8.2 million worth of YFI

The Search for the Next Bitcoin

Will Bitcoin last forever or will other crypto currency replace the dominant leader in the future? Nothing lasts forever so there is a real possibility that in case of a bug, in case of an emergent new crypto currency or in case of an unpredictable event, Bitcoin will be left behind. Here are a few […]

Crypto Hubs and Regulatory Framework

In order to combat money laundering a group of international organisations has been established (FATF, ATG, MONEYVAL, GAFILAT, ESAAMLG, EAG). The Travel Rule, accepted in 2019, requires all cryptocurrency transfers to include details about the initiator and beneficiary.  Singapore – Asia is working on implementing stricter rules on crypto exchanges to comply with the FATF […]

Stock Resources

Search Historical EPS: MacroTrends Search Podcasts by Trader Name: Owltail

Crypto Resources

Crypto News Sites Decrypt Coin Desk Coin Telegraph Blockfolio TheBlock Price-tracking Coingecko Coinmarketcap Eth Eth Fees Calculator DappRadar Bitcoin Bitcoin Forks Mempool Blogs Wazirx new, Wazirx old (one of the largest Indian exchange, subsidiary of Binance)

BTC supply compared to Gold and USD

The max supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21,000,000.  The current world population is estimated to around 7,795,000,000 people at the moment of writing. The growth rate is estimated to slow down in the next 30 years but still the number will increase to about 9,735,000,000 according to If each person in this world […]