Trading Podcasts

The podcasts are in general available on most major podcasts platforms like ITunes and PodcastRepublic.

Top Trades Unplugger

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen has built a great podcast around the systematic investing topic. Some of the interviews include very renowned and successful traders. The podcast is covering both basic concepts but also advanced theoretical subjects in a very entertaining way.

Option Alpha

A podcast dedicated to short-medium term option selling strategy. Kirk Du Plessis’s podcasts are very informational and contain detailed descriptions of option trading concepts. It’s a very good place to start for understanding how options trading works. A few episodes are also done in the company of successful options traders. At the end of each episode, there is a short description of some of the recent trades done by the team behind this project.

Chat With Traders

This podcast has an unique approach to trading. Aaron Fifield is a developing trader and the questions are very direct and oriented to the technical side. He is very polite and tries to obtain key information about each strategy. The interviews are light and easy to follow. The traders strategies are covering all major systems: mean reversion, trade following, options trading, day trading, swing trading and fundamental trading.

Michael Covel – Trend Following

Micheal is a very passionate guy and a true believer in the trend following strategy. Some of the discussions are monologues, some are with successful traders, about life trends and interviews with successful people in various domains. The main website is presenting the trend following strategy in depth. The interviews are not as technical as one would expect and mostly present the concepts and philosophy of this strategy.

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