Top Decentralized Exchanges

1inch – works as an aggregator of all ETH DEXES. It’s a good place to start to identify the DEX conversion prices but paying the extra fee to execute the smart contract is usually not worth it. You can use this at a starting point to pick the best dex available. The token CHI is used for fee reductions.

Uniswap V2 – is the hottest DEX around. With the recent DEFI popularity, the exchange is the best solution to swap ERC20 tokens. The simple web GUI maid out of a simple conversion box makes the taker interaction extremely easy through Metamask extension. The current smart contract is already around for some time so the trust factor is good. Recently launched the UNI token and made a blast with it’s airdrop to the initial community with a value of around 2500$.

IDEX – is a hybrid exchange. It offers a great interface but recently they imposed KYC for their users. By interactive directly with the IDEX contract you can still retrieve your funds if the exchange GUI shuts down but only after ~ 17 days. They still control what tokens will be listed and if your transactions will be processed.

Kyber Network – offers a good app solution for phones. The GUI looks good and the interaction is intuitive. There isn’t much incentive for using it at the moment but it’s a good trusted alternative. The associated token is called KNC.

Bancor Network – is a trusted web alternative for trading but the spread in price is higher than other mainly because of low liquidity. The token associated with it it’s called BNT.

Binance DEX – most ETH competitors try to offer a DEX alternative but somehow they can’t take off. The liquidity is low and there are just a few trades coins with notable volume. The associated token is BNB the same token available on the centralized exchange.

ForkDelta – was and still is one of the oldest DEX around. It depends on a web GUI and it had the particularity of the users being able to select any bid from the list making the wrong trades very easy. It was its main advantage for advanced users. ForkDelta was a fork of EtherDelta done after the GUI interface and backend servers started to lack maintenance from the original creator. It suffered a DNS attack that could potentially affect any web DEX in existence.


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