Top Crypto Wallets

1. Trust (mobile)

  • By far one of the best phone crypto wallet.
  • Supports a large number of popular coins, ERC, BEP and TRC tokens.
  • The GUI doesn’t work well with older phones.
  • Notable coin support: DOT
  • Staking support
  • Token: TWT

2. Atomic (mobile, desktop)

  • A solid second place
  • Has a Desktop wallet
  • Support for tokens and well known crypto coins.
  • Integration with Polkadot in progress
  • Notable coin support: KMD, ADA
  • Malfunctioning integration: XMR (in case your funds get stuck on Atomic export the keys from the Atomic Desktop Wallet to Monero Desktop Wallet); you might have problems copying all your keys from the Phone App
  • Has BSV support but only for new address format (you won’t be able to transfer from Huobi to Atomic)
  • Phone Interface not very responsive
  • Staking support
  • Token: AWC

3. Huobi Wallet (mobile)

  • Trusted wallet.
  • Supports BSV, IOST

4. Kyber (mobile, web)

  • Good to use for ERC20 tokens.
  • Build in exchange
  • The interface still needs some refining
  • Token: KNC

5. Bread Wallet (mobile)

  • Solid and trustworthy
  • Token: BRD

6.Enjin (mobile)

  • Closed source
  • Token: ENJ

7. MathWallet (mobile)

  • not fully trusted
  • asks permissions on phone contacts
  • error on adding Kusama cryptocoin
  • Fenbushi Capital funding round

8. Others (mobile)

  • SelfKey Wallet
  • Parity Signer

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