The Search for the Next Bitcoin

Will Bitcoin last forever or will other crypto currency replace the dominant leader in the future? Nothing lasts forever so there is a real possibility that in case of a bug, in case of an emergent new crypto currency or in case of an unpredictable event, Bitcoin will be left behind.

Here are a few possibilities.

ETH the Swissknife Crypto Currency, TPS and Smart Contracts

Ethereum is the first candidate to replace Bitcoin. Its market cap is currently around 6 times lower than Bitcoin. In 2017 it was the first time the crowds considered this a real possibility and called this event “The Flippening”. At the end of 2020 ETH started the migration to ETH 2.0. One of the main benefits of switching from POW to POS is the increase from 10 to 100.000 TPS

with the new rollup technology. This estimate is far larger than the current VISA estimate of 25.000 TPS.

XMR the Privacy Coin

With the increased regulations around the world the fate of XMR could be an extreme event. One one hand the centralized world will start to reject it and if the major exchange will delist it, there is a real possibility it’s price will drop significantly. On the other hand if the privacy innovations are significant enough, with the help of atomic swaps it can become the true dominant currency.

NANO acyclic graph architecture

The development of this coin is very active. One of the most attractive parts of this P2P project is the lack of fees. It has the required attributes to represent digital money. The association with a large entity like Amazon could promote this coin far beyond the previsible possibilities.

Innovation and adaptation are the most important attributes in this field. Even if Bitcoin will probably always have an important role in the cryptocurrencies ecosystem, it could one day become similar with physical gold. A store of value but not necessarily the main crypto currency on the market.

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