Location of Top Crypto Exchanges


Until February 2020, Binance was considered to be located in Malta. Currently the company’s locations are “decentralized” according to Binance CEO Changpeng.


Feb. 2020: Binance applied for a license in Singapore.

Feb. 2020: Malta Financial Services Authority declared

Binance is neither licensed to operate, nor is it regulated in Malta

Jan. 2020: Singapore allows Binance can provide services without a PSA license until July 28, 2020

Jan.2020: Malta prime minister Joseph Muscat resigns

Mar. 2018: Malta prime minister Muscat welcomed Binance to Malta (via Twitter), stating: “Welcome to Malta, Binance.” 


FTX’s main base of operations is in Hong Kong. It has implemented a strict policy in regards to onboarding based on location restrictions.

May. 2020: FTX.us goes live

May 2019: FTX.com Launched operations


Huobi Global is a Seychelles based cryptocurrency exchange. Huobi Technology is a blockchain subsidiary located in Gibraltar.


Feb. 2020: Deribit moves to Panama

Jun. 2016: Deribit starts its operation in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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