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@PeterLBrandt – Peter Brandt is a future/fx trader with many years of experience. He uses chart indicators and fundamental analysis.

@CRInvestor – Brian Beamish is a Canadian trader with over 30 years of experience. His style is unique: a combination of pattern, fundamental and systematic trading. The focus of his community is mainly in stocks and crypto space. The website offers a collection of great resources gathered across years and market analysis videos where he shares his opinion on important tickers.

@Covel – Michael Covel is the one that made popular trend following and the Turtle story. His tweets are mostly focused on comments around his own podcast. Mostly oriented on the traditional markets.

@SJosephBurns – most of the content is around different ideas about systematic trading and life quotes. It’s mostly a collection of resources and information gathered with time.

@jackschwager – Jack Schwager is the author of the well-known Market Wizards books. His vision is shaped by the commonalities of all trading styles.

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