FAAMG Stocks and Crypto

Time is passing by and the top world companies that are part of FAAMG have started the accumulation phase into the crypto world. The progress is slow but steady, it’s almost unperceived by the peoples outside crypto. From now and then, the news makes waves but then is easily forgotten. Considering any of the top players have a market cap around 6 times that of Bitcoin, it’s worth taking a look into the progress and relation between the industries.


2020 Sep: Apple allows Coinbase to have a native iOS app but has strict restrictions regarding functionality (no earnings and DEFI features allowed).

2019 Jun: Apple announces that iOS 13 (released in september 2019) will introduce CryptoKit API, allowing developers access to hashing, key generation and encryption on iOS apps. The community considers this a first step towards native wallet support. In contrast HTC and Samsung have announced explicit plans to create native cold storage wallets on their smartphone.


2020 Mar: Microsoft Patents an alternative way to mine cryptocurrencies based on human activities, including brain waves and body heat

2018 May: Bill Gates declares that he would short bitcoin if he could and compares it to “greater fool theory”

2017 Feb: Microsoft Partners With Tierion to Develop Immutable Blockchain For Identities (the project has failed)


2020 Nov: Chipper Cash a P2P payment service from Africa, has received funding from Amazon and plans to include crypto trading


2020 Dec: Facebook’s cryptocurrency project rebrands as Diem, with rumors towards a January 2021 release

2020 Feb: Shopify joins Libra Association

2019 Oct: Visa, Mastercard, eBay and Stripe have withdrawn from the Libra Association

2019 Jun: Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency


2019 Jun: Google announces a partnership with Chainlink

2018 Jul: Google announces partnership with two blockchain startups (BlockApps and Digital Asset) to bring them to the Google Cloud Platform.

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