BTC supply compared to Gold and USD

The max supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21,000,000. 

The current world population is estimated to around 7,795,000,000 people at the moment of writing. The growth rate is estimated to slow down in the next 30 years but still the number will increase to about 9,735,000,000 according to

If each person in this world would like a fraction of BTC and it would split equally each could own around 0.0026 BTC.

One percent of the current population is 77,950,000, that would mean a person needs to own around 0.269 to be in the one percent. If everyone would own 1 BTC there could be a maximum of 21,000,000 people owning it. Only 0.26% of the entire population could own 1 BTC.

In Aug. 2020 it was estimated that gold’s market cap is 40 times higher than Bitcoin’s. If BTC were to catch up it would worth around 500,000 USD.

According to estimates in 2020 the U.S. has created 22% of all the USD exiting supply. The annual inflation rate war around 1-3% in the last 10 years. Why doesn’t inflation correlate with the printing rate might have some rational fundaments in the short term, but a longer-term prediction might not be so positive.

USD massive printing started right after the crash in 2008 and the trend continues well after.

Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin because he lost faith in the current financial system.

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