Best Stocks API providers

Free Providers

Finnhub – all US tickers with a limit of 60 API calls per minute

Stooq – all historical stock data can be downloaded as individual files for free; data is available on different timeframes

Alphavantage – a known provider for free data, but no official information about the company behind it. The free plan allows 5 calls each minute and a total of 500 calls a day

Polygon – a provider oriented mostly to US data. The free option for individual use allows 5 API calls per minute

Paid Providers

Iexcloud – best-paid solution for retail traders, with public company data available, starting at 10$/month. Contains a wide range of useful data including Earning Reports details

Quandl – trusted provider and a leader in the industry. Commodity price data is available for free

Unofficial Providers

Cboe – the exchange provides all the US tickers on a single webpage, the price is based on the exchange trades

Etoro – doesn’t have a public API but the internal JSON API can be used to retrieve data

Yahoo – unofficial Yahoo Finance API available, use Google or Stack Overflow as a starting point for searching different endpoints

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