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Atomic Swaps Explained

Atomic Swaps, allows the safe(atomic) peer to peer exchange of different cryptocurrencies without a centralized party being involved in the transfer process. Still a centralized party is required for order matching and to facilitate the trade execution. In order to do this both chains must support smart contracts. Historical timeline Nov. 2017: Bitcoin and Litecoin […]

Crypto regulation around the world: India

Currently, cryptocurrencies are not regulated in India. The 2018 central bank’s decision forced crypto exchanges to close, relocate or shift to crypto-to-crypto and over-the-counter trading. After the overturn on Mar. 2020 the overall trading volumes on Indian cryptocurrency exchanges have slightly increased. The missing regulatory framework makes tax reporting difficult for legitimate crypto earnings. The chairman […]

Crypto regulation around the world: China

China Is not illegal to hold or trade crypto currencies and Bitcoin is viewed as a special virtual commodity. The Chinese government encourages the development of blockchain technology. The Large Exchanges operated by China executives are OkEx based in Malta and Huobi based in Seychelles. Other exchanges relocated to other countries or changed their business […]

Crypto Stable Hedging

When the market is calm, bouncing around in a range, as it does 80% of the time, you might find yourself wondering what’s the best method to preserve your capital. Going back and forth converting to USD might seem like a good solution but based on your local regulation this might not be the preferred […]

Investment Twitter

A must follow collection of Twitter handles owned by well known traders.

Trading Podcasts

Podcasts are a great learning resource for aspiring traders. The following list is a short guide to major podcasts available online for free.